Province Asked To Help Protect Isolated Nurses

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 14:35



A northern health region is hoping the province eventually comes through with funding to pay for new security measures at a remote nursing station.


The Mamawetan-Churchill River Regional Health Authority was forced to beef up security at the clinic in Sandy Bay after its nurses fled last year over fears about their safety.


They had apparently been threatened by some intoxicated youth.


The nurses returned once a security guard had been posted at the clinic.


Health region CEO Cathy Chisholm says other measures have been put in place, but they were implemented at a cost “in the six figures”.


She’s hoping the provincial government will be able to offer some financial assistance.


The Manitoba government recently committed $250,000 to upgrade securing at three remote nursing stations in that province.


A Saskatchewan Health spokesperson says the department leaves it to the health regions to decide on their individual funding priorities.