Proposed Snowmobile Trail Concerns Trappers

Friday, January 02, 2004 at 14:15



A proposed snowmobile trail between La Ronge and Candle Lake has re-ignited some hard feelings amongst trappers in the area.


The La Ronge Snowmobile Club is waiting for government clearance to build the groomed trail — which the club hopes will boost tourism in the area.


But trappers like La Ronge-area trapper Richard McKay say the trail can’t help but disrupt trap lines between the two communities.


However, snowmobile club member Marshal Leswick says it it’s locals who are more likely to do that type of damage, and any tourist who stumbles onto a trap line likely wouldn’t do so if there were signs posted.


Leswick says the club has already begun consultations with local trappers about the La Ronge-to-Candle Lake trail, and says at least one of them would welcome a new route to his trap line.


McKay says the trail might increase tourism in the area, but he can’t see how that will benefit trappers — unless the government allows them to start charging fees for use of their trapping cabins.


Leswick says if the government grants permission for the trail to be built, it will likely be a few years before clearance is given.