Proposed Smoking Ban Not an Issue in Creighton

Thursday, June 03, 2004 at 14:05



The mayor of Creighton says he hasn’t seen any controversy generated in his community by the province’s proposed smoking ban.


Recently, some business owners in Lloydminster voiced their opposition to the government’s plans for a smoking ban next year.


They say customers who aren’t allowed to smoke in their bars or restaurants will simply take their business to establishments on the Alberta side of the city.


However, Creighton mayor Bruce Fiddler doesn¹t expect that type of scenario to play itself out in his town.


Flin Flon is located just minutes away from Creighton across the Manitoba border.


However, Fiddler hasn’t heard very many complaints from local business owners.


He hopes the bylaw won’t be an issue for his citizens when it comes into effect on January 1st.