Proposed Road Angers Dore Lake Residents

Monday, November 29, 2004 at 14:37



A Metis leader in Dore Lake says his community stands to lose out over Weyerhaeuser’s plans to construct an all-weather logging road in the area.


Richard Lafleur says he doesn’t know why Saskatchewan residents should be footing the bill for a road that leads nowhere.


The leader for Metis Local 67 says Weyerhaeuser’s current plans for increased logging access would see two all-weather roads built beside Dore Lake and Smoothstone Lake.


It appears the company would receive some funding from the provincial government to make this happen.


Lafleur says that’s tough to stomach given the fact Weyerhaeuser is a huge company making millions every year, while the local economy in Dore Lake and nearby Sled Lake stuggles onward.


Lafleur says local trappers are worried about the impact the roads will have on the fur block and also wonder why it doesn’t actually lead anywhere.


Lafleur says the creation of winter roads would make more sense for all concerned.


He also says the government should fix up the highway leading to Dore lake before it concerns itself with logging roads for big companies.