Progressive Conservatives Pitch Native-Run Jail

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 14:54



The leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan says the province should have a correctional centre that is completely run by First Nations.


Rick Swenson says First Nations leaders are right to criticize the justice system the way it is structured now.


Swenson says too many Aboriginal offenders are re-visiting jails upon their release, and he feels it’s time to try something different.


His party is also proposing the creation of a First Nations employment directorate that would assist Aboriginal people in matching their education to skilled job openings.


As well, Swenson is calling for the establishment of a government website that would ensure Aboriginal people get equal access to all job openings in the province.


He maintains Aboriginal people often don’t hear about a job posting until it has been filled, because they don’t get the same information that is passed on to recent graduates.


Swenson once served as Indian and Metis Affairs Minister in the previous Devine government.


His party is running candidates in the current election campaign — but is only represented in five ridings.