Profs Move Forward With FNUC Censure Plan

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 at 13:16



A lobby group for university professors is preparing to impose sanctions against the First Nations University of Canada.


At a meeting last weekend, the Canadian Association of University Teachers overwhelmingly supported a resolution to censure the school for its perceived failure of keeping politics out of its decision-making process.


Association head James Turk says the resolution essentially states that Canada’s academic community will be advised not to accept appointments at the FNUC.


Turk says the association isn’t satisfied that enough has been done to restore the school’s independence since a major housecleaning in 2005 — even though the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada recently lifted its probationary status.


Turk acknowledges the school did remove an FSIN vice-chief as its chair.


However, he says for the institution to be free of political interference it shouldn’t allow the FSIN to appoint anyone to its board.


Turk says the association still wants to come to terms with the school before November, when the censure takes effect.


A meeting between the two sides is tentatively set for late June.


FNUC officials have not been available for comment.