Professors’ Association Issues Threat To FNUC

Friday, April 04, 2008 at 16:02



A national teachers’ group is calling for changes to the First Nations University of Canada.


James Turk, the president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, says the school must make more of an effort to keep itself free of political interference.


He says his group became concerned after deans, academic officials and professors were fired in a mass house-cleaning two years ago.


He says his group is surprised to see the AUCC lift the school’s probationary status and more must be done.


Turk says the FNUC has ignored many of the recommendations handed to it, including some in an FSIN All-Chiefs Task-Force report.


He adds his group may start advising other teachers to stay away from the school if changes aren’t made.


The vice-president of academics at the FNUC says school officials are shocked and disappointed to hear the comments from the teachers’ group.


Dr. Shauneen Pete says the university is trying to move forward, and warnings that it could face possible censure don’t help.


Pete adds the school plans to invite the Association of University Teachers to its campus so that meaningful dialogue can take place.