Prince Albert Slated To Receive Casino Profits

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 at 15:15



The mayor of Prince Albert is applauding a new funding agreement for his city.


Yesterday, it was announced that the city will get $250,000 a year from the Northern Lights Development Corporation.


The funds will be dispersed over the next five years with 20 per cent of it going to the Prince Albert Grand Council’s annual powwow and golf tournament.


Mayor Jim Scarrow describes the agreement as “historic”, noting city council will be responsible for distributing the lion’s share of the money.


He says it will go towards high-priority projects for the community.


Corporation director Eddie Head calls it a “unique situation between his group and the city.


He says the development corporation wanted to give something back to the city it calls home and show the citizens of Prince Albert that the PADC is “honoured” that they allowed the Northern Lights Casino to be built in their city.


However, Head says they haven’t given a blank cheque to the city.


He explains the money has strings attached to it, so it’s spent on projects that benefit everyone in the community”


He adds the corporation received several requests for where the money should go, but settled on this one after very careful deliberations.