Prince Albert Makes Anti-Racism Stance Official

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 15:01



The city of Prince Albert has joined a coalition of municipalities against racism.


On Friday, a ceremony took place at the Art Hauser Centre, where Mayor Jim Scarrow formally endorsed the move.


The event was attended by First Nations and Metis leaders, as well as an official with the United Nations.


Metis local leader Darlene McKay says she’s pleased to see the city has joined the coalition.


McKay says racism is less noticeable these days, but it is still present.


However, she’s encouraged by the number of Aboriginal employees she sees working at local retail outlets.


Scarrow agrees more First Nations and Metis youths are working in Prince Albert than in previous years.


As part of the agreement, the city has accepted a 10-point plan outlining various ways of eradicating racism even more.


The blueprint includes providing more diversity in housing and monitoring the level of racism in the community.