Prentice Jeered By Native Protesters In Ottawa

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 at 15:07



A high-ranking official with the Assembly of First Nations says he expects to see more protests against the Conservative government like the one held yesterday on Parliament Hill.


Close to 400 Aboriginal protesters held a rally to denounce the Tory’s approach to Aboriginal affairs, and to press MPs for an end to First Nations poverty.


Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice tried to address the crowd, but was almost drowned out by booing and jeering.


Bill Erasmus, a regional chief for the AFN, says he and others feel more rallies are needed to wake up the federal government and educate the public.


Erasmus says he can’t believe the housing conditions many of his people are currently living with, and he says action is required.


Erasmus notes issues that make him mad are the recent cutbacks to Aboriginal language programs and the failure of the Conservative government to implement the Kelowna Accord.


(with files from Broadcast News)