Premier Not Tipping Hand On All-Weather Roads

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 13:07



Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert continues to stay silent about whether or not his government will come through with any cash for the Athabasca all-weather road project.


The premier met last week with representatives from the Far North at a location in Regina, and the topic of a road link to Black Lake, Fond du Lac and Wollaston was discussed.


The premier says he views the all-weather road effort in the same light as the Garson Lake road project — a project he says has to happen for the benefit of all northerners.


However, the premier doesn’t want to speculate about the possibility of provincial funding until the budget is handed down on February 23rd.


Athabasca leaders say the province has to come through with at least half of the estimated $50-million pricetag if the all-weather road proposal has any chance of becoming reality.