Potential Vote Split Concerns Liberal Candidates

Friday, April 23, 2004 at 18:50



The two men running for the Liberal nomination in Churchill River both agree there is a good potential for a vote split in the riding if incumbent MP Rick Laliberte decides to run as an independent in the next election.


Laliberte is not running for the Liberal nomination, but hasn’t ruled out running as an independent.


The Liberal nomination in the riding will go to either Al Ducharme or Allan Morin.


Morin says it’s important that an Aboriginal candidate from the North represent the riding, and says a race that includes Laliberte, the NDP’s Earl Cook and whoever the Liberals select could provide an opening for the Conservatives’ Jeremy Harrison.


Ducharme agrees it may be cause for concern, and hopes northerners choose a northern Aboriginal candidate running for one of the major parties.


The Canadian Alliance candidate finished second in Churchill River in the last election — a vote which saw Laliberte as the only northern Aboriginal candidate.