Poor Showing For Marten Pelts At Fur Sale

Monday, January 08, 2007 at 13:01



A spokesman for North American Fur Auctions says he’s pleased by his group’s wild fur sale in Ontario this past weekend, despite weak interest in marten pelts.


Five types of pelts were featured at the sale, including beaver, marten and muskrat.


All of the quantities sold out — with the exception of the marten, which met price resistance due to limited quantities.


The fur auction house says 5,700 pelts were offered, but only half of those were sold. The prices fetched for those pelts haven’t been published.


Spokesman Dave Bewick says the weak showing could be due to the fact most of the main marten buyers weren’t present and usually don’t show up until February’s sale.


He also says it’s difficult to put together an attractive display for buyers with relatively few pelts.


However, Bewick says the western beaver pelts sold well, with an average price of $27.89 and a high of $52.00.


The western muskrat recorded an average price of $7.08 with a high of $10.87.