Policing Danger Zone Hurting Firefighting Effort

Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 15:46



Saskatchewan Environment officials are going out of their way to prevent people from visiting the fire-threatened region north of La Ronge.


Highway 102 has been completely closed all the way up to McLennan Lake because of numerous forest fires threatening communities and campgrounds along that highway.


Roadblocks have been set up just north of La Ronge, and now, the department and Saskatchewan Highways are asking for volunteers to help keep people out of the affected areas.


There are reports cabin owners have been going to affected areas by boat, or finding alternate means to check on their property and belongings.


But Emergency Measures Organization spokesman Colin King says every time someone does that, it diverts resources away from the firefighting effort — as crews become occupied enforcing the restricted access.


Meanwhile, boaters, campers and cottagers still in the affected areas north of La Ronge are being advised to stay where they are and to advise authorities of their location. They can do that by calling 1-866-757-5911.