Police Called To Protest Of Muskeg Lake Council

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 15:37



Muskeg Lake band members stormed a chief and council meeting in Saskatoon this morning.


About a dozen band members walked into the meeting, saying they wanted answers about Muskeg Lake’s finances and some economic development inititiatives they voted on a few weeks ago.


One of those initiatives is a plan to establish a Tim Horton’s outlet on the band’s urban reserve in Saskatoon.


Band councillor Cliff Tawpisin says the membership voted “no” to that idea — but a new vote has been scheduled, and no one knows why.


When the band members entered this morning’s meeting, Chief Gilbert Ledoux abruptly adjourned it and left.


The band’s CEO forcibly removed the protesters, as well as members of the media who had accompanied them.


The police were called, and five police cruisers responded.


Tawpisin says a petition calling for the removal of Ledoux as chief has been given to the band administration.


Tawpisin says the band isn’t against development or a Tim Horton’s outlet, but members want to make sure the band is in a good financial position.


He says he’s concerned, because he hasn’t seen a financial statement.


Ledoux was unavailable for comment.