Plane Crashes After Takeoff At La Ronge Airport

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 at 13:49



The RCMP say one person was hurt, but not seriously, when a plane crashed while attempting to take off from the La Ronge airport this morning.


The Transwest Air twin engine aircraft on skis was taking off with five passengers and two crew members on board when it dropped back onto the runway and crashed landed.


The company says the plane veered off into the bush on the east side of the runway.


The plane was transporting a Provincial Court party to Deschambault Lake.


Transwest Air spokesperson Deb Wrightson says all seven occupants “walked away with minor bumps and bruises”.


She also says the company can’t speculate on the cause of the crash at this time.


Transport Canada officials are on their way to begin an investigation.


An eyewitness to the scene of the crash says it appears one of the plane’s wings was damaged.


Earl Cook was at work this morning when he heard a number of emergency vehicles rushing by his office.


When he got to the airport, he could see ambulances and police cars on the runway near the plane.


He says the fuselage appeared intact, but steam was rising from the plane.


Cook says front-end loaders were also working away at a site off the runway.