Permanent layoffs in forestry sector: Weyerhaeuser

Monday, November 17, 2003 at 13:39



More bad news for forestry workers today (Friday November 14th). Weyerhaeuser has announced that thirty workers at the Big River sawmill will be laid off permanently with the rest taking down time come December.


Spokesman for Weyerhaeuser, Wayne Roznowsky, says the move was difficult – but one that had to be made as weak market prices are cutting into the company¹s ability to operate profitably.


Roznowsky says the move isn¹t an indication of the employees performance – who number about two hundred, but rather simple economics.


In addition to this it was revealed that almost fifty full and part-time workers at the Wapaweka mill near Prince Albert will be off the job at the end of this month.


Roznowsky explains Weyerhaeuser has been paying the mill

to operate on a contractual basis since the summer and that agreement expires on the 28th. In addition to this Roznowsky says no date has been given for the mill to re-open and an evaluation will simply have to wait.