PBCN TLE Scandal Sparks Protests

Monday, June 20, 2005 at 13:20



A band member from the Peter Ballantyne Cree nation says she and others plan to hold a protest tonight in Prince Albert.


Lillian Morin of the Sturgeon Landing reserve says she is upset more isn’t being done about millions of dollars in missing TLE funds.


Morin believes communities like her home reserve could use the money for things like water infrastructure and health services.


Morin says she plans to hold a protest outside the band office in Prince Albert until the issue is properly addressed.


She wants a thorough investigation.


Meanwhile, a handful of demonstrators used the official launch of the Saskatchewan Centennial Canoe Quest over the weekend to draw attention to the PBCN TLE affair.


Roughly 10 band members carrying signs walked amongst the crowd gathered in Prince Albert on Saturday.


Spokesman Lester Gardiner says they have a list of demands for the PBCN trustees, chief and council.


Gardiner says the biggest demand is for the trustees to get the RCMP involved in probing what happened to the missing money.


Gardiner says his group is also calling for the chief and council to take a back seat in this affair, and let the trustees handle it themselves.