Partial Reversal of Environment Cuts A Possibility

Thursday, March 03, 2005 at 14:53



Environment Minister David Forbes says it’s too soon to say whether his department will be boosting personnel in the North as a result of huge oil and gas revenues.


Last spring, Saskatchewan Environment announced the layoff of 18 conservation officers while also adjusting its criteria for fighting forest fires in the North.


The moves were done in part to deal with a cash shortage that had emerged after another year of poor crops and trade disputes with the United States.


Forbes acknowledges this year’s budget should be easier for his department to swallow, but won’t say if it means more money will be put into services that were cut.


The minister also says a major policy shift likely wouldn’t take place until after the throne speech.


Unlike most years, the speech from the throne isn’t scheduled until the fall.


Forbes also says if 2005 is a busy fire season, his department will still deal with it the same way they did last year.