Panel To Advise Province On Nuclear Development

Monday, October 20, 2008 at 13:12



A panel of 12 people will spend the next few months researching value added options for Saskatchewan’s nuclear industry and then present those findings to the provincial government.


The province announced today it is spending $3 million to establish the Uranium Development Partnership.


The panel, which has scientists, municipal represenatives, labour, First Nations, environmentalists, and industry, will be chaired by Dr. Richard Florizone.


The nuclear physicist and vice-president of finance at the University of Saskatchewan says the panel will look at pros and cons of furthering nuclear development — and he says that will include economics and the environment.


The partnership will provide a final report to the provincial government by the end of March.


The panel includes former Meadow Lake Tribal Council CEO Ray Ahenakew, Cameco president Jerry Grandey and AREVA Canada CEO Armand Laferrere.