PA MP Advocates For Northern Fishers

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 15:45



The Member of Parliament for Prince Albert says northern Saskatchewan fishers should be allowed to market their own catch.


Brian Fitzpatrick recently mailed out a questionaire to Northern Saskatchewan residents.


The questionaire asks residents if fishers should be free to market their own fish, if legislative changes should be made. And if this is an issue important to Northern Saskatchewan.


Fitzpatrick says the reason he’s done this is to see if enough support exists to lobby the minister responsible for the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, to break its monopoly.


Fitzpatrick says experts have told the fishers that they would do better on their own if they could market their catch directly to U.S. restaurants.


On the form residents are also asked if they think Prime Minister Harper and the Conservatives are on the right track.


Fitzpatrick explains he’ll be treating this question as an overall indication of how people think the Tories are doing in government.