PA Golf course could be Aboriginal burial ground

Monday, May 03, 2004 at 16:03



A recent discovery of human remains on a golf course in Prince Albert has local officials discussing whether or not it could be an aboriginal burial site.


The discovery was reported last week at Cooke Municipal Golf course located on the city¹s west hill.


A staff member from the course was reportedly out planting trees when he came across what he determined as being human remains.


Carlos Germann is the manager of the heritage resources office with Saskatchewan culture, he says the Prince Albert Grand Council has been contacted about the find along with the city itself.


Germann says a number of consultations will have to take place before anything is done with the remains, because at this point it is not known for sure whether they are First Nations, Metis or non-Aboriginal.


Later on this week professionals with the department will be in Prince Albert to determine what should be

done about the discovery.


Early estimates indicate the remains are anywhere between fifty to three hundred years old.


Prince Albert City Police had been guarding the site for the past couple of days but that responsibility is now being turned over to the province.