Open Pit Closed Following Mishap At Uranium Mine

Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 14:36



A truck driver is still in hospital following an accident at the McClean Lake mine site last week.


AREVA spokesman Alun Richards says two 50-tonne trucks owned by Snake Lake North America collided head-on at the Sue E open pit in the early morning of January 31st.


Richards says one of the drivers suffered two broken arms and a broken leg, while the other driver suffered whiplash and was soon released from hospital.


According to Richards, driver error was a major factor — but the company has decided to take some remedial actions to make this sort of accident less likely, including widening the road and increasing driver training.


The Sue E pit was shut down for several days to allow for an investigation, and was partially re-opened just recently.


Richards hopes it will be fully operational within the next day.


Occupational Health and Safety officials are reviewing the mishap.