Onlookers Witness Fireball in Northern Sky

Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at 14:10



An expert on meteor sitings in this province says we’ll likely never know for sure what caused the fireball and bright flash of light seen north of Weyakwin Friday night.


However, Richard Huziak suspects it was a meteor, and points out he gets reported sightings like this every two or three weeks.


La Ronge resident Anne Cook was one of many to see it shortly after 8:00 Friday night, and says the view from the front seat of her car was spectacular.


Huziak says if what Cook saw was a meteorite hitting the ground, it likely landed 400 or 500 kilometres north of where Cook spotted it — making it almost impossible to retrieve.


Huziak is a volunteer for a national group that tracks meteor sightings with cameras stationed at various locations in the province.


However, he says this event was likely too far north to be captured on any of the cameras.