On-Reserve Mineral Exploration Subject Of Vote

Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 14:51



Members of the Fond du Lac First Nation are going to the polls today.


They are voting on whether to support mineral exploration on their reserve — as well as the development of a grocery and retail store.


Band lawyer Bruce Slusar says both projects could be beneficial to the community.


Slusar says although there is already a grocery store, support of this motion would allow expansion.


He also says there are known uranium deposits on reserve lands, and it’s just a matter of determining if there is enough to justify further development.


This is the second time the community has voted on this matter.


Fond du Lac held its first vote on July 4th, but because the turnout did not meet Indian Affairs standards — which is 50% plus 1 — it had to be held again.


The outcome this time is not affected by how many people vote.