Oilsands Exploration Continues Near La Loche

Monday, February 27, 2006 at 14:47



Work is proceeding at full steam at an oil exploration site in northwest Saskatchewan.


Oilsands Quest says it is in the process of drilling 25 test holes at a site about 120 kilometres north of La Loche.


So far, six holes have come into contact with bitumen, which one executive believes is connected to the oilsands in Fort McMurray.


CEO Christopher Hopkins says the test holes show a weighted average of 15 per cent bitumen, a number he claims is good.


He says work on the project is slated to take a hiatus when the spring thaw comes, but the company will be back at it later this year.


Hopkins won’t say how deep they are drilling, but he does say he is pleased with the level of communication and cooperation his firm has had with communities near the project.


Meanwhile, the mayor of La Loche says there are questions surrounding the project — including how it will impact the environment.


But Georgina Jolibois says she has confidence the company is acting in good faith and will follow the rules.


The mayor also says many citizens are optimistic the oil project will mean good things for the community.


Jolibois is optimistic the provincial government will be there to assist La Loche as it gears up for projects like this one.