Oil Firm Visits Uranium City to Discuss Old Mill

Thursday, June 03, 2004 at 14:45



Officials from a Calgary-based oil and gas company are in Uranium City today to talk about the clean-up of the old Laredo mill site.


Last year, it was determined that there was a link between Encana and the previous operators of the site through a series of mergers and acquisitions.


Encana has since been identified as the owner of the property on which the mill site is situated.


The Laredo site is one of several sites in the North that have been classified as being a risk to the environment and a possible risk to human health.


Northern Mines Monitoring Secretariat spokesperson Betty Hutchinson is in Uranium City for today’s public meeting and says she’s impressed with Encana’s approach to this situation.


Hutchinson says while Encana has taken responsibility for the clean-up, it still has a number of regulatory hurdles to clear.


The company hopes to start decommissioning by the spring of 2005, pending regulatory approval.


Hutchinson says Encana has already reviewed documentation dealing with the mill site, and this summer, will be developing a remediation plan based on a risk-based assessment.


Company officials will be touring the mill site today as part of their visit to Uranium City.