Northern Trapper Calling on Province for Funding

Monday, May 16, 2005 at 17:59



A trapper from Dillon says he¹s growing increasingly frustrated by the treatment he and others are receiving from the government.


Henry Laplant of the N-21 Fur block says more and more southerners seem to be receiving preferential treatment from the province when it comes to receiving clearance to do activities in the north.


He says tourists, loggers and mining companies in particular seem to be thriving, while the trapping industry is continually ignored.


Laplant adds logging companies scare wildlife away with their machinery and it’s a problem that is growing.


He says the government awards co-management groups money but not individual trappers.


Laplant made the comments at a gathering of the Northern Trapper’s Association this past Friday and Saturday in Prince Albert.


Meanwhile last weekend’s meeting saw a number of new board members elected onto the Northern Trapper’s Association.


The new president is Clifford Ray of Sandy Bay.


The new vice-president is Jonas Bird of La Ronge.


Glenda Montgrand of Buffalo Narrows returns as acting treasurer-secretary.


The trappers association also elected four other northerners to round out its board, scaling down the number of people serving on it from thirteen to seven.


They also renewed a working agreement with the provincial government, accepting a cheque from Buckley Belanger in the amount of ten thousand dollars.


The money will be used to help pay for the cost of last weekend’s meeting and to assist with core expenses.


The trapper’s next meeting is in July.