Northern Sask. Could Be Tourist Draw For Chinese

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 at 12:06



A Saskatchewan entrepreneur says he thinks the northern part of the province could someday become a frequent vacation spot for Chinese tourists.


Claude-Jean Harel of Great Excursions Tourism explains that the Chinese government has placed Canada on its list of approved destination sites in the world.


Harel says that designation should make it easier for Chinese visitors to make their way to our country.


He says many Chinese are avid fishermen, which makes northern Saskatchewan a potentially lucrative destination.


“Chinese people actually have almost a culture around fish. It’s a food that they really enjoy. One of the most popular dishes actually is steamed fish and steamed pickerel. So they’re interested in fishing, and they’re interested in nature,” Harel says.


Still, he admits that a lot of work needs to happen before Chinese tourists even know what the region has to offer.