Northern Roundtable Idea to be Used Province-wide

Wednesday, December 03, 2003 at 14:10



The provincial government is taking an initiative it’s used in the North in recent years and expanding it to the entire province.


Beginning in January, the premier and cabinet colleagues will hold a roundtable discussion in one Saskatchewan community each month, except during the months of July and August when the premier will be on his summer bus tour.


A cross-section of opinion leaders from the surrounding community will be invited to participate in these meetings to discuss economic development and other issues of local concern.


Government spokesperson Carolyn Rebeyka says the premier wants to build on the success of the roundtable meetings the government has had with northern leaders.


Maple Creek will be the site of the first roundtable gathering, and Rebeyka says it’s too early to say when and where any northern roundtables will take place.


However, she says the northern roundtables will be geared at specific communities and regions, and not the entire North at one sitting.


Rebeyka says a roundtable will likely take place in the Far North at some point, but it might not happen next year.


As part of the government’s commitment, each of Saskatchewan’s First Nations will be visited at least once every two years.