Northern Municipalities Free To Ban Beer Bottles

Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 15:25



A pilot project that banned the sale of beer in glass bottles in La Loche will now be extended to other northern communities that request a ban.


The provincial government made the announcement today after reviewing the results of the experiment in La Loche.


Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Minister Eric Cline says the government’s research indicates the move in La Loche had the desired effect of reducing litter, injuries and property damage caused by glass bottles.


Cline also says the bottle ban had no negative impact on sales at either the local liquor store or licenced establishments in the community.


A spokesman for Canada’s National Brewers says his group supports beer bottle bans in northern Saskatchewan, having worked with the province and the village in establishing the pilot project.


La Loche mayor Georgina Jolibois says La Loche will continue to ban glass beer bottles.