Northern MP Applauds Anti-Gun Registry Vote

Thursday, November 05, 2009 at 12:38



The Member of Parliament for Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River is pleased with last night’s vote on a private member’s bill calling to repeal the long gun registry.


One hundred and sixty-four MPs, including some opposition members, voted in support of the bill, and 137 voted against it.


Rob Clarke is quick to point out that Saskatchewan’s lone Liberal MP voted against the bill.


Clarke says MP Ralph Goodale should recognize what an issue the gun registry is for people living here.


“He’s from western Canada, and really should understand what Canadians (think), and see how the waste of the money that has been spent on the long gun registry (affects them). He’s been a past finance minister, and I believe he should have been well aware of the extending cost,” he says.


The FSIN and other First Nations groups have spoken out against the gun registry, saying it violates treaty rights to sustenance.


Now, the bill will go to committee, where opposition members can potentially make changes to it before it goes for a third reading and then to the Senate.


Clarke says it will be important for constituents in all ridings to continue to voice support for the bill and opposition to the registry since there will be another vote in the House of Commons.