Northern Mayor Welcomes Gas Tax Funding

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 at 15:08



Cheques of federal gas tax money are expected to arrive throughout northern Saskatchewan later this month.


The federal government announced in its last budget that communities throughout the country would receive double the usual amount.


Beauval mayor Alex Maurice says his community can definitely use the $52,855 it is owed through the new formula.


He says the village is working on a number of different things — including the development of an industrial park and truck stop at the Beauval forks.


Maurice says the community is hoping to take advantage of truck traffic on a heavy haul road that has been proposed to run through the area.


The original plan had called for the route to go north of the community, but Maurice says that has been changed after he expressed concerns Beauval would be bypassed.


He adds the plan is to eventually build a 24-hour cardlock truck stop and convenience store at the forks.