Northern Highway Getting Several Upgrades

Friday, July 16, 2004 at 13:17



There will be work done this summer on several sections of the highway that extends from La Ronge to Southend.


The public is being warned that there will be the occasional disruption of traffic over the next few months.


Spot improvements are taking place on Highway 102 approximately 5 kilometres north of Feldspar Lake and about 10 kilometres north of Brabant Lake. That work should be completed by mid-September.


Crews will also be completing the surface stabilization project started last year from the Waddy River to 24 kilometres south of the river. The project is expected to be finished this month.


As well, the Waddy River bridge will also be replaced sometime this construction season.


All the work is being cost-shared by the province, Cameco, Cogema and Cigar Lake Mining.