Northern Communities Revisited By Heavy Smoke

Monday, July 28, 2008 at 14:31



Fire is again becoming an issue in northern Saskatchewan.


According to the emergency response coordinator with the Prince Albert Grand Council, three forest fires in the Athabasca basin are causing concern for residents in Black Lake and Fond du Lac.


Richard Kent says while no community is currently threatened by the blazes, smoke is once again becoming a concern.


Kent says all of the fires are currently under close scrutiny.


He says elected officials will determine whether any evacuations are necessary after consulting with government experts.


Kent adds Chief Albert Mercredi wants to assure the residents of Fond du Lac that if action is required, everyone in the community will be contacted as soon as possible.


Fond du Lac and Black Lake were among the six northern communities evacuated because of heavy smoke earlier this month.


At the height of the evacuations, roughly 2,800 northerners were displaced from their homes and staying in shelters in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina.