North to Have Less Access to Diabetes Team

Tuesday, December 02, 2003 at 13:54



The Prince Albert Grand Council will have to make do with less resources after a decision by the Prince Albert Health Authority to cap its funding for diabetes programming.


The diabetes educator for the P.A.G.C., Jan Kroll, says a total of three positions have been lost as a result of the health authority’s refusal to grant 56-thousand dollars in aid.


Kroll says the decision is a frustrating one as the number of people seeking out help in the Far North was growing. As well she says a number of respondents said they liked the fact they could talk to someone about the disease in either Cree or Dene.


Kroll says visits to the Far North will continue, but it will be in a more limited fashion — and she’s worried they won’t be able to help as many people as before.


Kroll says the health region may think it’s saving money, but she points out one year of kidney dialysis alone costs 60-thousand dollars per patient.


She adds she doesn’t know what her next move will be, but hopes money can be located somewhere.