No Reversal Of Environment Department Cuts

Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 15:30



The province’s environment minister says northerners shouldn’t expect any major changes in how his department handles wildfires.


David Forbes says the so-called “let it burn” policy worked fine last year and he doesn’t see a need for any drastic changes.


It was about this time last year the province announced it would be letting more wildfires burn uncontrolled so long as they didn¹t threaten communities, people or commercial timber.


Forbes says the policy is one that’s quite natural, and he sees no reason for adjustment just yet.


The association representing conservation officers was hoping to see a reversal of the cuts that cut down their numbers in the North.


Forbes says his department may still possibly revisit the issue of staffing levels for conservation officers, but he¹s not sure yet.


Yesterday’s budget made no mention of replacing any of the 18 officers whose jobs were terminated last spring.


Last year, the government stated it made the move partially because of budget constraints.