No Guarantee Fort a la Corne Will See Diamond Mine

Wednesday, June 02, 2004 at 13:33



Despite loads of potential for a diamond mine to be built in the Fort a la Corne area east of Prince Albert, exploration companies say there is still no guarantee that will happen.


Kensington Resources’ lead geologist, Brent Jellicoe, also can’t say with certainty when they will be able to make that call.


Kensington has a 42.25 per cent stake in the Fort a la Corne Joint Venture Diamond Project — De Beers Canada is the other major stakeholder.


Jellicoe says even though core samples taken on kimberlite deposits in the area show good potential for large, high quality diamonds, it’s still too early to give an indication when, or even if, a diamond mine will surface in the area.


Diamond exploration at Fort a la Corne has continued almost non-stop since 1988.