New Trucker Regulations Concern NRT Official

Friday, October 28, 2005 at 16:02



Northern truckers trying to make it up to the mine sites may have trouble doing that once Transport Canada implements new rules regulating commercial drivers in the country.


As of January 1st, 2007, Transport Canada will reduce the maximum driving time of a commercial driver by 3 hours and increase the minimum off-duty time from 8 hours to 10.


Northern Resource Trucking CEO Dave McIlmoyl says the new regulations will limit the truckers from making it to the mines in their legal driving time.


McIlmoyl believes that poses a danger to the truckers, because that leaves them in the northern wilderness for 10 hours with no place to camp out.


McIlmoyl says his group will now have to lobby the provincial government for an exemption to the new Transport Canada rules.