New North Pursuing Uranium Impact Benefit Deal

Monday, October 20, 2008 at 13:15



Saskatchewan’s uranium companies could be getting a call soon from New North.


On Friday, a resolution was tabled at the group’s annual general meeting in Prince Albert that calls for the executive to pursue an impact benefit agreement with mining giants AREVA and Cameco.


New North chairperson Georgina Jolibois says the move only makes sense, given that her organization’s 35 member municipalities are all impacted by uranium mining.


Jolibois says it’s too early at this stage to know just how the arrangement would work, but the idea will be pursued.


AREVA’s Alun Richards notes an impact benefit agreement already exists in the Athabasca region and uranium companies set high standards when it comes to contracting out and hiring northerners.


However, he notes several details would need to be ironed out before a new agreement could be created.