New MNS Election A Step Closer To Reality

Friday, June 30, 2006 at 13:06



Metis leaders and government officials have agreed upon an independent oversight committee and a chief electoral officer to oversee a new Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election.


The announcement was made this morning in Regina.


Metis citizens Ron Lamabe, Marilynn Poitras and Rita Bouvier will sit on the committee. David Hamilton will act as the chief electoral officer.


They will develop a timeline, work plan and budget for the election and move forward on its implementation.


They will also be responsible for coming up with a verifiable voters list.


Saskatchewan Metis Relations Minister Maynard Sonntag says both levels of government will let the oversight committee and the electoral officer sort out the mechanics of a new election.


Sonntag also says because of the sheer volume of work that’s still ahead, it’s unlikely a new MNS election will be held this year.


The MNS has been at a virtual standstill since its disputed election in 2004, after allegations of ballot-box stuffing prompted both levels of government to suspend funding to the group.


The process announced today is getting approval from both the disputed MNS leadership and the Metis National Council.