New Fur Buyer Hosts Gathering in La Ronge

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 15:16



How the Lac La Ronge Indian Band can assist trappers with the fur buying process is the focus of a meeting in La Ronge today for northern trappers.


Band councillor Henry McKenzie says trappers will be out in early October checking their lines in preparation for January’s first major sale.


McKenzie says since the season is fast approaching, they want to check with trappers now to see want they want in a local fur buyer.


McKenzie notes that Kitsaki Fur Buyers has already talked to auction houses in Winnipeg and Toronto about fur marketing.


He also says Stanley Mission, La Ronge, and the Athabasca and West Side regions could possibly receive fur buying representatives once the business is up and operating.


Meanwhile, a spokesman for North American Fur Auctions says he likes what the Lac La Ronge Indian Band is doing to help northern trappers.


Dave Bewick says, to his knowledge, the James Bay Cree in Quebec is the only other Aboriginal group that’s in the fur-buying business.


Bewick says because the band-owned agency in La Ronge is trying to maximize the trappers’ return on pelts through a non-profit approach, he expects the initiative to generate renewed interest in the industry in northern Saskatchewan.