New Book Delves Into Woodland Cree Kinship Model

Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 14:05



A man from Stanley Mission is releasing a book today focusing on the kinship of the Woodland Cree.


Robin McLeod has been working on the book for 13 years, and he hopes that it will be used for teaching kinship in the classroom.


McLeod says Kinship Wheel-Wahkotowin focuses on the origins of the Woodland Cree’s kinship system.


The book looks specifically at their relationships with family and extended family.


McLeod says the Cree have a different view of their extended family.


He says they view relatives by marriage as regular family members, since they are considered to have been “adopted” into the family or community.


The book release is taking place this afternoon at the La Ronge Hotel and Suites.