NDP Says Harrison Should Be Dumped

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 13:13



NDP candidate Sandra Morin says if Lorne Calvert can drop a candidate for making inappropriate comments, then the leader of the Saskatchewan Party should do the same.


Morin insists Meadow Lake candidate Jeremy Harrison is one of two candidates on Wall’s team who are unsuitable to represent the public, and she believes that shows Wall’s inability to make tough decisions.


She says Harrison has a history of directly insulting First Nations people – a reference to Harrison’s infamous “banana republics” remark he made after the last federal election.


Harrison says he has already apologized for his controversial remarks, and has grown from the incident.


Meanwhile, Morin also notes Saskatoon SaskParty candidate Don Johannesson was once convicted for an offence related to public money.


Calvert recently dumped a candidate in Swift Current for making inaccurate statements about Wall and his father on an Internet blog.