NDP Promises More Training Seats For SIIT, DTI

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 15:49



Some post-secondary institutions will get more training spaces if the NDP is re-elected in the next provincial election.


Premier Lorne Calvert made the announcement earlier today in a packed library at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.


Over the next four years, his government would add 10,000 training spaces to regional colleges and institutions such as SIAST, Dumont Technical Institute and SIIT.


Calvert says his government would meet with student and school leaders to determine where they can most effectively use the new spaces.


Darlene Arcand couldn’t agree more.


The Director of Admissions at SIIT, Darlene Arcand, says she needs more spots almost everywhere.


The cost of the new spaces would be $91 million.