NDP Leader Continues Tough Talk About Oilsands

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 13:35



NDP leader Jack Layton says energy companies are going to have to answer some tough questions if his party forms government.


In an interview with MBC, Layton says he would not green light any more oilsands development until detailed environmental plans are released by the companies involved.


That includes the exploration activity northwest of La Loche.


Layton says he has seen too much devastation in northern Alberta to simply let the status quo continue.


He says an NDP government would make sure there has been “full and meaningful consultation” with First Nations before this type of project moves forward, and that an an analysis is done of the health, environmental, economic and social consequences of the development.


He says approvals would only be given to the companies involved once these detailed questions had been fully answered.


Meanwhile, Layton also says his party would kill corporate tax cuts in favour of the $5.1-billion Kelowna Accord negotiated by the previous Liberal government.


Layton says his party would revive the deal in a bid to reduce poverty on First Nations.


That pledge is similar to one made by the Liberal Party and leader Stephane Dion.


However, Layton says his party’s plan differs from the Liberals in how it plans to pay for it.


Layton says the NDP is committed to rolling back $50 billion in corporate tax cuts in order to free up the money for items like the Kelowna Accord.


He also says his party has several plans to address housing and water needs on reserves, and will be rolling these out as the campaign continues.