NDP Accused Of Purposely Leaking Budget

Monday, March 19, 2007 at 15:17



The Saskatchewan Party is accusing the NDP government of deliberately leaking budget goodies to deflect attention away from the Murdoch Carriere case.


The provincial government has been taking criticism for the way it handled Carriere’s firing over allegations he sexually harassed female co-workers, as well as the decision to pay Carriere $275,000 to settle his defamation and wrongful dismissal lawsuit out of court.


Opposition leader Brad Wall says the NDP are desperate to “change the subject”.


Wall says, in previous years, the finance minister would be fired over a major budget leak — but he doesn’t expect that to happen because he suspects Premier Lorne Calvert authorized it himself.


Over the weekend, the Regina Leader-Post reported that the government is about to announce a cap on prescription drug costs for seniors, and a $20,000 tax exemption for post-secondary students who choose to stay in Saskatchewan.


The budget is set to be announced on Thursday.