Natural Gas Hook-Up Cost An Issue Of Fairness

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 12:57



SaskEnergy officials say the proposed average installation cost for natural gas in La Ronge announced yesterday is as far as they’re prepared to go.


The utility plans to build a pipeline to La Ronge and Weyakwin by the spring of 2008, provided at least 500 residential customers and businesses sign up for the service.


It was revealed yesterday that customers can expect to pay, on average, $4,700 in hook-up costs — down from the $6,500 proposed seven years ago.


When asked why the province hasn’t brought that number down further during a time of economic prosperity, SaskEnergy CEO Doug Kelln says the utility is simply taking its cue from the local gas committee.


SaskEnergy Minister Andrew Thomson notes the province also wanted to be fair to other communities in the province when it came up with the $4,700 figure.


Those who sign up for the service in La Ronge and Weyakwin will be able to pay the installation cost over 10 years through their energy bill.


The plan is contingent on at least 500 homeowners and businesses signing on before the scheduled start of construction next year.