Native Women’s Support Centre In Need Of More Cash

Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 14:28



An outreach worker in Regina says she’s pleased with progress made at a meeting this week between herself and the province’s justice minister.


Ivy Kennedy is appealing to the province for $50,000 in funding for her group. Women of the Dawn.


Kennedy says she’s constantly amazed by how many people walk into the centre needing help.


She says a lot of attention is given to Aboriginal women who go missing or when a body is discovered — but not enough focus is paid to helping Aboriginal women climb out of poverty in the province’s major urban centres.


She says more Aboriginal women are moving to Regina and the government needs to realize that.


Kennedy adds more supports need to be put in place before the number of women in need overwhelms her group.


Kennedy wants to hire an elder and First Nations therapist for her centre, as well as publish a brochure on what to do when someone goes missing.


She says many women have come into her office, telling workers about abuse they’ve endured and threats they’ve received — but they’re afraid to go to the police, because they don’t trust the police.


Kennedy’s group recently began identifying unsafe places in the city for women to go.