Native People Say Hospital Stays Need Improving

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 13:56



A recent survey among Saskatchewan hospital patients has revealed that First Nations and Metis people rate their overall care lower than others.


The survey of 5,000 patients was carried out between last September and this past March.


Dr. Ben Chan is the chief executive officer of the Health Quality Council, the group that conducted the research.


He says the survey is actually good news for the province as a whole, because 94 per cent rated the overall doctor care they received as good, very good or excellent.


However, Chan admits the fact that Aboriginal patients rate their care lower than others is a troubling find that has to be addressed.


Chan believes the greatest opportunity for improvement lies in promoting better communication between hospital staff and patients.


He believes simple moves like giving patients more details when they leave the hospital and helping plan their discharge could go a long way.


The survey included the three regional health authorities found in northern Saskatchewan.